mandag den 29. juli 2013

Wedding Cake

So, your wedding day is coming and you are now looking for the perfect wedding cake to go with the special occasion. As many of us don't have the experience of choosing wedding cakes, this doesn't mean you have to go with the hit-or-miss path. Here are some of tips for you in choosing the best wedding cake.

Start Early

Planning anything in advance is always better than last minute preparation. It gives you more time to make a list of bakeries that you like and then filter down to the one that can provide you with the cake you want. If you choose your cake as the last option, you can risk not getting the cake you want.

Find The Best Bakery

There are many ways to find reputable bakeries. You can ask friends, check reviews online, check forums, ask your wedding planner, magazines and lots more. Getting information may not be enough and you may want to visit them and learn more about each bakery to see if you like them to be the one to make your wedding cake.

Test The Cakes

The bakery can make the cake looked like what you want but it doesn't mean that you will also be crazy about how their cakes tastes like. If possible, you should taste the cakes from the bakeries you've listed down so that you can pick out the one whose cake that tastes the best for you.

Provide As Much Information

You need to cooperate with your selected bakery by providing them as much information as you need. You may have an idea of how you want your cake to look like and you can provide them with pictures, sketches and any images that you can find. Sometimes, the cake you want may not have been created, therefore, it is ever more important to explain as much as you can even by providing the theme of your wedding so that they can make the cake that will match your weddings' theme.

Set Your Decision Firmly

Finally, when it comes to picking the best wedding cake, be very selective with who you want to take along with you. Having too many people is not a good idea and ideally, you should have just a handful of people to provide you the input. End of the day, firmly decide on you and your partner's decision. Having too many people chipping in with differing opinions can delay the decision and you should remember that at the end of the day, you should choose the cake based on you and your spouse's liking.

By following the tips above, choosing your wedding cake can be easily managed without much problems because we've got most of the common problems covered. Finally, remember to have fun and enjoy the process while choosing your perfect wedding cake.

Groom wedding speech

Well ,a wedding day can drive a man crazy ,keeping in mind the numerous tasks and responsibilities one needs to handle. And above all a decent speech in front of the entire crowd is indeed a great challenge. No matter how bad you are as a speaker you can never avoid the groom wedding speech on your D Day. Thus it is necessary to write a decent groom speech that can impress the guests and of course the lady of your life.
A typical and traditional groom wedding speech includes the bride, about the past memories you both have shared and finally a hope and dream for a better future. The speech also recognizes every individual who has helped you to tie the knot.

As an amateur speaker it is likely that you will stammer during the initial few seconds .But the tone will become steady after few lines. It is essential that you remember this speech is not official and neither is a part of board meeting. Thus relax you nerve and begin with a smile.
It is the father of the lady who has proposed a toast to the groom and bride so you can begin by thanking him. It is expected that you thank the man for permitting you marry his daughter. You can also thank him for accepting you as his son and his valuable friendship. You must also thank him if he has paid for the entire reception program. Thus the first part of the speech must include a toast with a thanking note to the father of the bride for including you in his family.

The next part of the speech must include the guests who have honored you with their valuable presence in pre and post wedding celebration. It is important to thank them for their good wishes and the valuable gifts they have showered on this special day.
Once you are through with all the thanksgiving part it is now time to concentrate on the most important person of the ceremony, the bride. The groom speech must include some anecdotes and beautiful memories that the couple had shared prior marriage. As the man you must thank the lady for marrying you. This is the best occasion where you can flaunt about the love you have for the beautiful lady sitting beside you. You can also express your love and commitment about the new journey you are about to begin with her.

Finally, you can talk about your future and all the plans you have in your mind .It is not essential that you disclose all. However you can include few that are worth to be shared. As a groom you must keep in mind to avoid topics that can embarrass your wife. Thus do not talk about kids or other topics without discussing with your lady. If you are planning to share some funny stories then make sure the feeling is mutual. It is not advisable to embarrass the lady at any moment of the ceremony.

Many of us fail to recollect every point during the right moment. It is possible that you may miss some of the important topics that you have planned to share during the groom wedding speech. The best way to avoid such follies is to make a list of small points in a small paper and carry it in your pocket. This way you can deliver the best speech that you have always imagined.